"May Allah’s blessing light your way, strengthen, your faith and bring joy to your heart as you, praise and server today, tomorrow and always"


Tour Overview

Package Type :

Group Tour

Days :

14 Days

Departure Date :

7th June, 2024 (01 ZIL HIJJAH)

Arrival Date :

21st June, 2024 (15 ZIL HIJJAH)

Intercity Transfer :

Transfers by SIC (seat-in-coach)

Package Cost (Price Per Person)

₹ 6,50,000/-
4+ beds room will be provided everywhere - Madinah Hotel and Azizia Building / Apartment.
₹ 7,00,000/-
3 beds separate room will be provided everywhere - Madinah Hotel and Azizia Building / Apartment.
₹ 7,50,000/-
2 beds separate room will be provided everywhere - Madinah Hotel and Azizia Building / Apartment.

Accommodation Details

The tour will start from Madinah Munawwarah.
Star category Hotel will be provided for 3 - 4 days approximately in Markazia area within 50 - 250 meters from Masjid Nabvi.
After which the Pilgrims will be transferred to Makkah Muazzamah to perform HAJ.
On reaching Makkah - Building / Apartment will be provided 3/4 days before Haj & 3/4 days in Azizia area or any other area which will be far from Haram Sharif (5 to 10 kilometers).


Airfare, Airport Taxes, Visa expenses & Muallim fees.

Air-conditioned transport for journey in between Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

Rental for tents in Mina and Arafat, Full Meals, Accommodation charges of Makkah Muazzamah and Madinah Munawwarah as well as Ziarat of holy places of Makkah Muazzamah and Madinah Munawwarah.

Laundry service throughout the journey.

5 Litres Zam Zam (Fully Packed) at the end of the Tour at Saudi Airport.
(Subject to availability at the airport)

Complimentary Gifts : Marshall Bag, Hand Bag, Waist Pouch, Shoe Carrying Bag, 1 set of Ehram, 100 Beads Tasbih, 7 Beads Tawaaf Tasbih, pocket size Quran Sharif & Necessary Books etc..

Haj Orientation programme followed by Complimentary Lunch will be arranged for pilgrims before the departure.


Qurbani (the Pilgrims will perform at their own cost).

Travelling expenses for “to and fro” Azizia & Haram Sharif.

Cost of any Services not mentioned / specified in the itinerary.

Any expenses personal in nature.

Excess baggage charges by Airline.

GST @ 5% on the package cost.

TCS @ 5% on Total Bill amount (10% incase of no Pan Card).

Repeater Fees if any @ SAR 2000


Quota Allocation : Our Haj tours are dependent on Quota Allocation by Govt. of India, in case of non-quota allocation, the tour could not be conducted and the deposited amount will be refunded to the intending pilgrims.
Travel Dates : The specified dates could differ by (+/-) 3 / 4 days due to changes in Airline schedule, delayed quota allocation / visa stamping and on extreme unavoidable circumstances.
Visa Stamping : is subject to approval from Saudi Embassy. We will not be responsible for any Delay, Rejection or Mistake done by Saudi Embassy.
We have the right to change any or all tour programs before or during the journey without any prior notice for which no claim / refund shall be entertained.
We will not be responsible if any pilgrim is denied boarding in India or if deported by Saudi immigration on health condition, Infections or any other reason whatsoever for which no refund shall be made nor any claim shall be entertained.
We will not be responsible if our tours are rescheduled, cancelled or altered due to cancellation / delay of flight, buses, hotel unavailability / cancellation, or other unavoidable circumstances such as strike, war, flood, storm, earthquake, imposition of new law or any other calamity and for which no refund shall be made nor any claim shall be entertained.
We will not be responsible for any loss occurred during the tour by accident, incident, luggage lost, valuables loss, death, etc
We will not be responsible for any loss, delay, damage, colour fading, stains or shrinking of clothes by the laundry service
Room for 2/3 beds as paid for could not be provided instantly due to any reason whatsoever then the Pilgrims will have to adjust on bigger rooms (e.g. 4+ bedded) for a day or two on sharing basis with other Pilgrims (for which no partial refund will be made). In case the provision for 2/3 beds could not be fulfilled at all then the difference amount as paid by the Pilgrim will be refunded.
Room Allotment will be as per our arrangement; no choice of room will be entertained. Pilgrims who follow “PARDAH” should select private room option of 2/3 beds by paying the relevant package cost OR should carry the necessary “VEIL” for unwanted Gaze. Though the rooms allotment are on Sharing Basis, we might also accommodate ladies and gents separately on separate rooms.
Room Service in Azizia or similar is unlike Hotels of Makkah & Madinah, only once or twice bed sheet change is possible. Towels, toiletries and WIFI is not assured on some accommodations.
Bathrooms in hotels are mostly Western Toilet and Indian Pans are hardly available.
Guests and Relatives of Pilgrims are not allowed to Eat or Stay with our group, it is illegal as per Haj ministry Law, KSA
Partly utilized services are also considered as fully utilized. For such circumstances no refund is applicable.
Carrying illegal drugs / narcotics such as opium, ganja, poppy, etc., or any kind of indecent photographs, books, pamphlets, CD’s, etc., is a crime and is strictly punishable by Saudi Government.
Foreign exchange in Saudi Riyals or U.S. Dollars could be purchased under LRS “Liberalised Remittance Scheme”.
The Package Cost is designed on SAR exchange rate as on date mentioned on the leaflet. In future if SAR rate increases nominally, then we don’t even bother our pilgrims but if it increases drastically then the difference amount will be collected from the pilgrims.
Booking cancellation charge is 100% of the Package Cost.
Indian and Saudi Arabian laws are applicable to all intending Pilgrims. All disputes of whatever nature relating to the tours shall alone have jurisdiction at Court in Kolkata.


Booking form duly filled in with authentic information.
International Passport valid at least six months from the date of journey and should not be “HAND WRITTEN”.
Pan Card and Aadhar Card copy to be submitted.
Proof of Mehram is mandatory for female, as they are not allowed to travel without Mehram.
Booking Amount : 100% at the time of booking.
Photographs : 4 copies of coloured photographs sized 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm having white background.
Covid Vaccination certificate with two doses mandatory (final dose to be taken at least one month before the departure date).
Negative PCR report is required within 48 hours prior to the departure.
Booking cancellation charge is 100% of the Package Cost.
At the time of booking a Registration Number will be allotted to each Pilgrim that is required for communicating with us for all future correspondences.

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